How to do editing in Lightroom Adobe Photoshop mobile

Steps to be followed....

. Select a picture and import it to Lightroom album

. Now click on Auto option, so it can Automatically sets it's Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadow etc According to picture

. Now click on Color option and select Color Mix option, Now According to your preference select  Color , After selecting the color drag the Hue option to (-30) , the saturation option to  (+50) & drag the luminance option towards plus sign According to the picture, Now click on done option after completing the color mix (the colourmix option implies on background of the picture)

. Now click on Effects option & drag the Texture option to (+20), the clarity option to (+50) & drag the vignette option to (-25) (the Effects option is used to increase the quality of the picture)

. Now click on Detail option & drag the sharpening option to (25), the Radius option to (1.00) & the detail to (25) (the Detail option is used to customise the detailing of the picture)

Now click on share option & save the picture into device

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